A K-8 Christian School For Personalized Education

A School Where Learning is Personal

Hope Academy is dedicated to creating a student-centered learning environment designed to build capability, character, confidence and competence. We focus on supporting and honoring learning differences as we acknowledge how God uniquely created them.

We offer personalized learning in the belief that there is not a one-size-fits-all program that is effective with every student. Our students work in a multi-age multi-grade level classroom with a maximum of 12 students per teacher. This environment works especially well to enhance our academic focus on reading, writing and math competence. Through a personalized, flexible framework, students are allowed extra time to master skills when needed or accelerate through curriculum at a self-directed pace. Enrichment classes like music, art, technology, Spanish and Kung Fu encourage growth in other areas as well. The result is a confident, competent student empowered to succeed.

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