Our Media Ministries department is overseen by Pastor Will Glaspie and  includes the radio ministry, video ministry, internet ministry, tape ministry, and sound ministry.

All of our services are broadcast live on the internet, as well as live on our own low power FM radio station, KQIP 107.1 FM. This includes our weekend services on Saturday evening and Sunday morning and the mid-week Bible study on Wednesdays. Past messages can also be downloaded from our message archives. In addition to the internet, we make tapes and CDs available after each service at the tape booth in the lobby.

KQIP 107.1 FM (Chico) has daily teaching beginning at  7:00 AM with Mike Mackintosh, followed by Pastor Sam, Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, Jon Courson, Bob Coy, Joe Focht, Skip Heitzig, Pancho Juarez, Damien Kyle and J. Vernon McGee. Our services are broadcast live on Saturday night, Sunday morning and Wednesday Evenings.

Pastor Sam can be heard on KKXX AM 930 weekdays at 11 AM and 11 PM and on Sundays at 7 AM.

Pastor Sam can also be seen on Cable TV Sundays at 12 noon on channel 11 in Chico, Paradise, and Oroville.

As you can imagine, there is a large ministry team needed in order make all of this happen, and we are in need of more technically-minded people with servants hearts, who have a vision for this kind of ministry and a passion to spread God’s Word through all kinds of media. This includes sound engineers to support our worship teams and pastors, video camera operators, computer technicians, video directors, and people to digitize old audio and video to expand our online library. If you enjoy playing with computers, this might be a good ministry outlet for you!

Live Broadcasts

Our weekly broadcast times are: Sunday 8a, 9:45a, and 11:30a Wednesday 7p and Saturday 6p

Media Ministry Wishlist

A list of things that would seriously help out our media ministry.

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Here you can find studies on nearly every book of the Bible. Most of these are taught by Pastor Sam, but we've also hosted many guest speakers over the years.

Archived Studies

These are some of our older studies in the same format as our old website. You may have a little more trouble playing some of the files.

KQIP 107.1 FM

KQIP 107.1 FM is our low power FM radio station. We air Bible studies from some of our favorite pastors.