Christian Education
in Chico!

Help us to finish this great work.

1 Chronicles 28:20

To the Fellowship and Friends of Calvary Chapel Chico,
We at Calvary Chapel Chico have been involved in providing Christian education in the Chico area for over 35 years.  Children’s and youth ministries have always been an emphasis in our regular church services.

Recently, with additions and modifications to our building, we have been able to open Noah’s Ark, a daycare program serving infants through pre-school.  We also have a K-8 private Christian school called Hope Academy. These two programs serve over 100 children and their families Monday through Friday.  The parents and guardians of these kids can be assured that their children will be loved and cared for by our staff.

Our location in Chico (the old Movies 10 building just north of the     Chico Mall) contains three parcels totaling seven acres.  A portion of these seven acres are developed and there is a 1.5 acre field adjacent to our parking lot that is undeveloped.  We hope to utilize more of this space for more Christian education in the future.

So far we have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of 4 planned major renovations.  We are currently in the process of completing the Phase 3 project, which includes two new 1500 square foot rooms upstairs, a new stairway and an elevator.  The elevator is required under ADA regulations so we can gain access to the new rooms upstairs.  Phase 3 has proven to be very complex, but we are doing well.  We are nearing the end of construction and looking forward to completing the project.  Also, during this time, we have developed new playgrounds for our kids in both Noah’s Ark and Hope Academy.
When we complete Phase 3, we will be able to supply permanent classrooms and expand the existing K-8 program. The demand for Christian education is growing. Enrollment doubled last school year from the previous year. There are currently 62 students enrolled for the upcoming 2021-22 school year, with a wait list for grades K-2. School administrators expect a wait list for the upper grades. The two new classrooms upstairs will allow Hope Academy to be able to welcome more students in the future.

At this time (end of July, 2021), we still owe contractors approximately $60,000. We are hoping to get our elevator and entire project inspected and approved for occupancy by the middle of August. If Christian education in Chico is important to you, then please consider supporting this work. Thank you in advance for your prayers and, if you are able, your financial support. Here are three ways to support us if you choose to help us financially:

1. Checks can be made out and sent to Calvary Chapel Chico, 1888 Springfield Drive, CA 95928.  Please place ‘Construction’ in your memo lines.
2. E-Giving through our website or our church app.  We have tried to make this easy for you to navigate.
3. Our Fidelity Account with Sweeny & Michel, LLC.  Stocks or cash can be transferred into this account.  Sweeney & Michel’s phone number is 530-487-1777.

Calvary Chapel Chico is a non-profit 501c3 Corporation in California and all donations are tax deductible.  We send out donation receipts at the end of each year.

On behalf of Pastor Sam Allen, our entire staff and Board of Directors would like to thank you for considering this work as you plan for future charitable giving.  You are a valued friend of Calvary Chapel Chico and we pray God richly blesses you and your family.

Dick Marskey—Administrative Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chico
REVISED 12/31/20

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