Bud Chauvin – Assistant Pastor

Assistant Pastor
Bud Chauvin

Pastor Bud was raised as a Christian Scientist, but met Jesus Christ at the age of 17 on the lawn of his high school through a hippy evangelist. A year later he met and married his wife, Janelle, then fell away from the Lord and lived a wild life for 13 years. Empty and miserable, on the verge of divorce he repented and returned to the Lord in 1985 and has been on staff at Calvary Chapel Chico since October of 1989 and served as the youth pastor until 1996. Since then his duties have been to assist Pastor Sam by overseeing the Men’s Ministry and overseeing the ushers and safety team and serving as a chaplain with Chico Police Department. Throughout the week he teaches premarital classes along with his wife Janelle, conducts weddings and funerals, and provides Biblical instruction for couples and men. Pastor Bud developed and leads a ministry called God’s Man’s Boot Camp which is a discipleship ministry designed to connect men with men and help them establish godly disciplines in their lives. Pastor Bud says, “Since returning to the Lord, He has made sure that my life is anything but boring or uneventful.” He also points out that it helps that God has blessed him with Janelle, “a wonderful wife who loves me and the Lord.” He has been married for over 45 years (to the same woman by God’s grace) and has two adult sons, two daughters in law and 5 grandchildren. Bud has no formal credentials, just a BD (Back of the Desert) degree. He has been a voracious student of the Scriptures since realizing his desperate need for a true relationship with Jesus and loves to tell everyone he meets about the hope he found in Jesus.

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