What We Believe

WE BELIEVE that the only true basis of Christian fellowship is His agape love.

Which is greater than any differences we possess and without which we have no right to claim ourselves Christians.

WE BELIEVE worship of God should be Spiritual.

Therefore: We remain flexible and yielded to the Holy Spirit to direct our worship.

WE BELIEVE worship of God should be Inspirational.

Therefore: We give a great place to music in our worship.

WE BELIEVE worship of God should be Intelligent.

Therefore: Our services are designed with great emphasis upon teaching of the Word of God that He might instruct us how He should be worshipped.

WE BELIEVE worship of God is Fruitful.

Therefore: We look for His Love in our lives as the supreme manifestation that we have truly been worshipping Him.

Our Mission

Equipping the saints for the work of ministry. Calvary Chapel Chico is a non-denominational Christian fellowship established to fulfill the great commission:

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Knowing we were created by Jesus and for Jesus and that our sin separates us from Jesus.


To reconcile lost sinners to Jesus To disciple the saved in Jesus To send out fully-equipped workers for Jesus


Our pastors and teachers employ the grammatical, historical, method of Bible study. We teach through the Bible in a systematic, expository fashion, book by book.


We meet Saturday evenings at 6:00, Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00, and Wednesday evenings at 7:00. Ministries for all ages, including nursery through high school, are provided at each of these services, except Saturdays, when 6th-12th graders are encouraged to join us in the main sanctuary.