Janelle Chauvin – Women’s Ministry Director

Women’s Ministry Director
Janelle Chauvin

My name is Janelle Chauvin and I have been married to Pastor Bud for 45 years. I am proudly the Mom of two amazing sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law (who are more than daughters to me!) and I have five brilliant grandchildren. Through an act of divine grace, God has called me to serve Him as the Women’s Ministry Director. I was born in 1952 and raised primarily in Chico. I went to Oakdale Elementary (which has since been torn down due to old age!), attended Chico Junior High and graduated from Chico High School in 1970. Mrs. Pierce, my 12th grade English teacher, saw in me a spiritually bankrupt soul deeply desperate for love and belonging. As she talked with me, she lovingly told me that the Person I was looking for was the Lord Jesus. I was shocked! I thought He was dead because I had always seen Him defeated and dead on the cross at the church I attended as a small child. She said, “Oh no honey, He’s alive and reigning as King right now! He loves you! He’s been calling your name, waiting for you to call upon Him! He has the authority to forgive all your sins and to give you everlasting life. All He’s been waiting for is your permission!” Permission indeed…absolutely! I surrendered my heart to Jesus and began to walk with Him. These past 46 years, my life as a believer has been full of personal defeats and great victories. I backslid for many years and tore my marriage apart with my own two hands. Even after returning to church, it took several years for me to face my own sins of pride, jealousy, bitterness and unforgiveness. Through the Lord’s abundant grace, He has forgiven me and fully restored my marriage. I am so overwhelmed by all that God can accomplish with willing hearts! As the years have passed, He continues to prove to me that His grace is greater than my sin. Because of Jesus, I now stand unashamed…finally willing to spend the unlimited riches of His mercy.

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